Our Philosophy

If losing weight just meant eating salads and exercising more,YOU WOULD HAVE IT DOWN ALREADY!

So many people follow low-fat diets that restricttheir bodies of vital nutrients, workout twice a day, and STILL can’t lose weight.

It’s not because they aren’t trying hard enough or lazy.

It’s because they don’t have the CORRECT information.

There are a few instances when your weight upsets you most:


You detest seeing pictures of yourself because you dislike the way you look. When friends and family are taking pictures you either run away or hide behind someone, so that your full body isn’t captured in the photo.

Does this sound familiar?


It’s time for your annual physical. You’re dreading getting weighed in because you know you’re heavier than you were last year. You are cringing at getting the results from your blood work hoping that your health isn’t at risk.

Have you ever felt this way?


You have several outfits spread across your bed-only to realize that nothing fits. You are dreading the idea of going shopping and buying the next size up. You know that while trying on every piece of clothing in the store, you’re only going to be more discouraged and depressed because, despite all the clothes you have in the dressing room, nothing is going to fit. Ultimately you will leave the store without anything.

Does this sound like you?


Your kids want to play ball with you, but you’re energy levels are so low that you can’t keep up with them. Your children want to go to an amusement park, but you try to talk them out of it because you are unable to fit on the rides.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re frustrated and depressed because you think you’re doing everything right, your weight isn’t budging, your weight is steadily increasing, you’re having difficulty concentrating, and your energy levels are lower than ever before.

  • You spend time and money on every new fad diet on the market.
  • You drink shakes for every meal and practically starve yourself.
  • You take the newest and most popular weight loss pills.
  • You follow the advice of a physician or nutritionist in the past who told you to count calories and fat.

You’re ready for something unique because you’re tired of the weight loss roller-coaster. You’re ready to
You’re ready to start Looking Great, Feeling Great, and Being Great!

Believe it! Trust it! Know it!

This time it really can be different. I know what you’ve been through. Remember,
I lost 120 pounds!
My body was always in pain, inflamed, and bloated from high sugar consumption- the effect of
following low-fat and fad diets.


What you eat directly impacts your body’s ability to function properly. In order to achieve successful weight loss, your body needs to heal itself from the inside out. This is done through consumption of the right combination of food choices.

When you eat real food, your body wakes up! Your hunger and cravings subside, your metabolism runs better and weight loss happens immediately- without deprivation.

What your feeling is normal. The truth is you haven’t been given the right information or tools. The advice you’ve followed hasn’t been personalized to you. And THAT’S why your weight won’t move or continues to increase… NOT because you’re not following the information you’ve been given…..


The Rennix Weigh makes weight loss a breeze!We use a specific blueprint designed by Nia, which uses a combination of foods customized for you that allows for immediate weight loss and lasting results!

  • Rapid Results- lose up to 15 pounds your first week!!
  • Naturally cleanse and detoxify
  • 1 on 1 support- RW coach by your side
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Plateau-Proof- lose fat & inches consistently
  • Reset metabolism
  • Reduce cravings
  • Improve health risks
  • Affordable, healthy, &diverse delicious food- all found at local food markets
  • Increased physical movement
  • Retrain to maintain weight


The Rennix Weigh