1:1 Nutrition Coaching

This Time It’s

Just YOU and ME!

Our nutrition approach goes beyond the traditional “diet”
program because we personalize the program 100% for YOUR body and dietary needs!

Get the support
you need – no matter where you are in the world. A Rennix Weigh nutrition coach is just a phone call, text, Facetime, Skype, or email away.

This allows us to work with you without interrupting your weekly routine.

Your appointments can be done either face to face using an online platform, or by telephone.

You’re not alone! You have ZERO to figure out because we have done all the work for you by creating a unique weight loss method that will quickly kick those annoying and unwanted pounds to the curb!

Our team holds your hand throughout the entire process while you learn our simple approach and break the pattern of consuming sugary junk foods. It’s time to start living life again!

What makes The Rennix Weigh different from other “diet” programs?

First, this is not a “diet!” Remember, The Rennix Weigh is a lifestyle- created by Nia who lost 120 pounds and has walked a similar path as you. It is a way of eating for both you and your family.

Do you know how celebrities stay in great shape? They have a TEAM of individuals who help them eat right and stay fit. With our personalized 1:1 nutrition program, you now have someone on YOUR team!

We are not a cookie-cutter service. We match you with your very own dedicated nutrition coach, who is there to be your cheerleader and hold you accountable. Your coach is there to teach you, train you, and help motivate you on days when you feel like cheating. Rest assure, that all our coaches have been through their own weight loss struggles, which means that you can always expect for your coach to be patient, understanding, encouraging and non-judgmental.

Our 1:1 Nutrition Coaching Program is our most effective
option for rapid long-lasting results!

Program Includes:

60-Minute Welcome Session

Your first session with your nutrition coach will be 60 minutes! The extensive welcome session will give you the opportunity to go over goals, to get acquainted with one another, and go over your client application. After the welcome session, you will feel excited and eager to get started because you will have a clear action plan outlining steps toward your weight loss goals.

2 Monthly Check-In Appointments!

Each month, you will have 2- 30 minute, 1:1 appointments with your dedicated nutrition coach. Your sessions include techniques and tools for your success. Each call will focus on nutrition education, manageable techniques, progress toward your goals, answering questions about food or any other concerns that may be on your mind. Your coach is there to keep you motivated while guiding you toward the finish line.

Weight Loss Goal Tracker

Your goal tracker handout is aimed at addressing how you feel throughout the day. We want to make sure that even on the on the days you are not speaking with your coach, you have a way to journal your thoughts and daily goals.

Recommended Brands

Sometimes it can be difficult to know the various food brands to purchase. There are just so many options to choose from! We will provide you with a list of food brands that Nia and TRW trust. All suggested brands are accessible in most chain supermarkets.


After the welcome session, your nutrition coach will go to work designing your tailored 7- day meal plan based on your body and dietary needs. Your meal plan will come with recipes and a macronutrients list.

The Rennix Weigh Program Guide

Your program guide will include detailed directions, recipes, and helpful tips- designed for YOUR success!

Community Support

Access to TRW team virtually 24- hours a day by email and text.

Getting Started Is Easy

Click “Apply” to submit your personal nutrition coaching application.

Schedule a “Jumpstart” call with Nia using the scheduling link.

During the call with Nia will match you with a nutrition coach. She will also discuss program details and schedule your first coaching appointment.

Yeah! This is so exciting! Get pumped to experience tons of energy, restored health, and confidence- for good this time.

Steps to a Lasting Healthy Lifestyle The Rennix Weigh…

Retrain: Education is knowledge. Teach and reprogram your appetite to crave healthy foods
Reduce: Improve existing health conditions, boost metabolism, and transform your body in just 7 days
Reshape: Start noticing curves and uncover muscles that you forgot you had. Discover a new mindset toward food and physical activity.
Reward:  Show off your weight loss and celebrate how you look and feel
It’s time to start feeling comfortable in your own skin!!

The Rennix Weigh