You’ll be amazed at how TRWstarted several years ago. This is where you will get to know more about Nia’s story from Fat to Fit and how she became one of the most acclaimed Nutritionist in the industry. Read more


The Rennix Weigh is an all-natural, nutrition and wellness company that believes in a customized and client-centered approach. Our nutrition programs offer a simple approach to healthy eating that incorporates REAL, nutrient dense foods, education, and coaching to safely and effectively attain healthy, IMMEDIATE results and maintainable lifestyle changes. Read more


With an amazing collection of articles, posts, and free downloads, this is where you get the "tea" on everything you need to know about livingThe Rennix Weigh. Read more


Thousands of individuals have followed TRW Program! This is where you will read the many wonderful success stories of our past and current clients. Read more


With awesome RW guides, e-books, desserts, and our very own brand of nutraceuticals, spices and olive oil, there’s something for everyone looking to Stop Dieting and Start Healing! Read more


Healthy can and should be yummy. Our variety of recipes are evident of it! Try one of our Rennix Weigh recipes today and get cooking! Read more

Hi, I'm Nia!

I am so excited that you found my website. You're going to love my simple and effective approach to nutrition, wellness, and life. I help people stop dieting and start healing! I'll help you find success. No more counting calories. No more yo-yo dieting only to find yourself heavier than you were before you started. Let's finally keep it real and turn healthy from a goal to a lifestyle.

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